Image Credits

GLYFFIX is an image-based language. We are thankful to all contributors, artists, photographers and models and want to give credit where credit is due. Finding the contributor source for an image used by Glyffix is easy. Glyffix gets all of its app, book and product images from a single web source – If you see an image within a glyf, and want to know the contributor source, simply go to and search for the image for all details.

Incredible Please note however that glyfs often contain more than one image and also markup to source images. The markup should not be factored in the image search. For example, the glyf for incredible has three source images, plus plenty of markup. The source images in the case of ‘incredible’ are a basket, a palette and a bull. The markup to achieve the word incredible is an arrow, the letters C and I, and some red paint.

Glyffix also leverages PresenterMedia for a small subset of website, marketing, promotional and presentation material. It should be noted that there are images on the main page of the website that link to the Glyfgear storefront, and the images found at the site are sourced images.